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“After a period of settling, several hours into the drawing, I find myself becoming absent. The presence of the tree, or the nest, or the light on the water, whatever it is I am making a study of, comes up and towards me.”


“My visit to the orchard is an everyday ritual. It has no practical purpose. Nothing special, and yet immensely special. For I am part of the orchard, and the orchard is part of me.”

Can artful, poetic expression of the human entanglement with other beings and the Earth itself help bring about the changes in worldview demanded by the ecological catastrophe of our times?

We, Peter and Sarah, are uncle and niece. For many years we have been in conversation about the themes of this pamphlet, influencing each other’s thinking and practice. This is a collaborative work, intended as the first in a series, a first step toward sharing those conversations more widely.

On Presence draws together writing and drawing reflecting on the living presence of the world, moments when we have experienced the world not as a collection of inanimate objects but as a community of life we may encounter and of which we are a part. Our purpose in creating a beautiful and engaging pamphlet is to share some of this experience with others.

To purchase a copy please send your name and address and £9.00 plus postage and packing (UK £2.50 UK; Europe £4.50 Europe; Australia and New Zealand £7.00; other international destinations £6.00) through PayPal to; or contact via email for direct debit details. Also available via Amazon.

Review copies available

Publishing date: mid April 2019; reprinted October 2019

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