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What they say about On Presence

I love your book – the drawings (or reproductions thereof, at least) the words and even its design have already served as most pleasant and inspiring beginning to the day… [Later] Just finished ART IN A TIME OF CATASTROPHE and thus ON PRESENCE. As an artist sidetracked by a long, often lovely but inevitably ill-fitting, detour through academia, I found this concluding essay particularly meaningful. It entered like a sigh of “YES” extinguishing a certain cacophony. The phrase “wild gratitude” came to mind. Thank you so very much. David Christiana, Artist and Illustrator

I've just finished On Presence, @peterreason and @gillespieseyes' beautiful meditation on life and art in a time of catastrophe, and it's stunning: profound, beautiful and immense in implication yet also grounded in the transience of all things. James Bradley, author and critic, via Twitter @cityoftongues.

I have just finished your wonderful book On Presence! Thank you for such a grounding and beautiful work. Minna Salami, author of Sensuous Knowledge: A Black feminist approach for everyone.

Absolutely beautiful... so powerful. I particularly love the piece on the role of art at a time of catastrophe. It feels particularly timely to be reading it right now, when the catastrophe seems ever nearer. Caroline Lucas MP, Green Party.

I am messaging in streams of tears after reading the final pages of the book you and your uncle have placed in our world. I read it slowly, savouring it best I could. Wee titbits from Christmas day until now, as I returned from the fields I am growing to learn since I moved here to Ireland's heart. I too am placing every piece of artistic energy I have into the earth. Into listening and looking. Into learning to be here the way I should. I simply had to tell you this gift of yours has changed me ; strengthened me and made the light drop down that bit brighter, golden and full of hope. Go raibh maith agat, thank you my friend xx. Kerri Ní Douchartaigh, Author of The Thin Places.

Today I read and enjoyed ON PRESENCE. It is a beautiful book, the look, the feel, the reflections and I loved the way it came together in the last three sentences. Helen Chadwick, Musician.

A stunning book - the art and prose and the whole production - creamy paper, type and fonts. I found the ideas profound and the book as an object so elegant, a delight and nourishment for the soul in every possible way. Merenia, Australia

This beautiful pamphlet ‘On Presence’ is one of my favourite short reads. In the moment, at one with nature, it is full of humility, intent, hope—delightfully immersive essays and drawings that make you feel you are there. I read it cover to cover in one go and will return to this time and time again… Soulful, considered, honest and utterly delightful. Ali Heath, Writer/Stylist.

Just been looking at the book you gave m. It's really beautiful. A real quiet gem. I like the humility and quietness of [Peter's] writing. It sits well with the images. Mat Chivers Instagram @matchivers

This beautifully produced slim book with its wraparound cover by uncle and niece was a pleasure to read and examine… Both art and essays beguile, but the underlying message is ecological. I savoured this contemplative book and just adored the drawings. Annabel Gaskell, Co-founder Shiny New Books. "

At such a time, are the arts irrelevant, a luxury? To the contrary, they have an essential place both in grieving for what is lost and in imagining new human possibilities." Book of essays and drawings by Peter Reason and Sarah Gillespie are more relevant right now than ever. Anna Litnere, BeachBookBlog via Twitter

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed 'On Presence'. It's such a beautiful book, your work and the writing fit so well together, and it left me with a great sense of stillness and calm. I've ended up giving the first copies I got to friends because I wanted them to also enjoy it. Melanie Bellis

Well, this just arrived in the post. Jaw-dropped, breath-gone me. All the things I try to say with my painting and sketches fail. Keith Nichols, Artist.

I've been savoring Peter's essays and Sarah's art. This book is a real treasure. It reminds of when I first read Oliver Sacks' book Gratitude and how I didn't want to rush it and didn't want it to end. There's a lot that resonates in these particular essays - the collection of found nests that now inhabit my living room, a daily stroll to commune with bees and birds in our meadow orchard here at home - the text and images capture these moments exquisitely. Congratulations on a beautiful project. Kelly O’Brian, Artist via Amazon.

This is a beautiful, thoughtful and important little book. The images and text weave together gracefully and the descriptions are simple yet profound. It's a book to be returned to and dipped into again and again. The world needs more heartfelt books like this. Helen, via Amazon.

I am very impressed with what I have read so far and the images as ever are magical There is such a lightness of touch and yet depths of tone in every one of the drawings. The book is really fantastic. It deserves to sell well. Member of Arborealists artists group.

I highly recommend this book! The thoughtful essays and captivating drawings had me dipping back into the book again and again. I was glued to every word in the last essay, Art in a Time of Catastrophe—its sobering but tender and hopeful message has stayed with me. The saying “good things come in small packages” fits this book perfectly. I’ve purchased multiple copies to give as gifts to my loved ones and friends, knowing the book will be readily devoured and equally sure that the engaging writing and exquisite drawings will leave a strong and lasting impression. Emily C on Amazon.

On Presence is a joy; a really lovely work. Thanks again for sending it my way. Tom Baskeyfield, Artist.

This is to say thank-you to you and Sarah for your small, perfectly formed book ON PRESENCE. I found it very moving and many of the reflections resonate with me. I am a long-time devotee of yoga, and the idea of ‘being present in the moment’ is one of the strongest influences on my practice. I will go forward now though listening for ‘the silence’ which you remind me that I don’t make enough time for... Annie Beardsley, Artist.

Your book... I have now spent the morning, in good window light, absorbing your work, “On presence”. Dropping all resistance, I find it simply beautiful, INSPIRING! I’ll just say. Thank you both, for now. Ann Gillespie, Artist.

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