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What they say about On Sentience

Another beautiful publication from these hugely talented and deeply thoughtful uncle and niece. Mark Cocker, Author of Our Place

Thank you so much for your latest co-creation. I sat by the fire and read it straight through and loved it – the whole theme of opening to the sentience of the more-than-human world. Peter Hawkins, Author of Leadership Team Coaching

Thank you so very, very much. I'm reminded of my kinship with those who are similarly attuned and the visible and invisible threads of connection across the Earth. Jill Johnson, Addictions/Mindfulness Counsellor

I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying On Sentience. I really relate to the immersion and the quality of non-egoic attention and gestation you are both seeking in your work. I love the sentence in Annunciation '...our art will only go so far and as deep as our love goes - love that embraces loss and wounding as well as beauty'. Graeme Ryan, poet, Somerset

Thank you so much for the beautiful book. I love the text and illustrations - it is so sensitive and wide-ranging. I often think that I want to intensify my experience of being in a place or a moment and this book does just that. I love the way that the texts build up from little observations to huge insights. And then one stumbles across an image and these are so dream-like and atmospheric and create a sense of a gentle meander between image and word. Wonderful. Veronica Sekules, GroundWork Gallery

Lovely book, great writing and art work, and beautifully produced, a real gem! Shanee Taylor, Wales

Thank you for the wonderful Journal ’On Sentience” from you and Peter. It's a beautiful and distilling focus on the natural world. It is a joyous concept to feel the natural work around us animated by the presences of the flora and fauna within it. Carolyn Harrison, Art Conservator

Today’s treat was reading this gorgeous pamphlet… Mimi Thebo, Reader in Creative Writing, Bristol University, author of Hospital High

I admired and enjoyed On Sentience. What an inspiring and varied set of pieces. I read the conversation about The Annunication painting several times, it really touched me. Tanya Atapattu, Author of Things my Mother Told Me

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