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Participation in Human Inquiry

Edited by Peter Reason

Published in London by Sage Publications 1994 ISBN 0-8039-8831 1


Since this volume is now out of print I am making it available on the website.
The text here may not be exactly as published; please consult the printed copy before quoting.
Please note that copyright of each chapter continues to rest with respective authors



Introduction. Peter Reason

Part I Towards a Participatory World-view. Peter Reason

1 Inquiry and Alienation

2 Participation in the Evolution of Consciousness

3 Future Participation

4 Human Inquiry as Discipline and Practice

Part II The Practice of Participatory Research

5 Confronting Hidden Agendas: Co-operative Inquiry with Health Visitors. Hilary Traylen

6 To Tell the Truth: Working with Oppressed Groups in Participatory Approaches to Inquiry. Elizabeth Whitmore

7 Supervising the Child Protection Process: a Multidisciplinary Inquiry. John Cosier and Sara Glennie

8 Creating Collaborative Relations in a Co-operative Inquiry Group. Moira De Venney-Tiernan, Annette Goldband, Lyn Rackham and Nancy Reilly

9 Making a Space: a Collaborative Inquiry with Women as Staff Development. Lesley Treleaven

10 Developing a Culture of Learning through Research Partnerships. Lesley Archer and Dorothy Whitaker

11 Reflections on Participation in Human Inquiry. Peter Reason


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